Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heat & Buns

The bunnies are doing great, even in this heat. I'm VERY thankful for the air conditioner, otherwise they'd be in trouble. It's been very hot for weeks now.

Here's a few pictures for fun, taken this morning.

Escalade is such a doll and SO sweet. My little sisters really enjoy holding him :).

Kayla's litter is getting big and needs their individual pictures taken .... soon, Lord willing! She has 4 does and 3 bucks.

Diamond's litter is also getting big. They are just barely 3 weeks old, but oh-so-adorable. They have monster heads and crowns....thanks to their daddy, Lam! She has 4 bucks and 3 does.

Abrielle is still looking pretty! Although her HQ's are looking a little funny right now, thanks to the awkward stage she's in :).

Just a funny picture of Allie...looking for food, since she's on a diet!

Beautiful Sunrise. She's a gorgeous doe, but so shy. This is her classic look of  "who are you outside of my cage?"

She stayed laying relaxed even though I came up to her cage...big improvements for her. She's a lot better than she was, but I don't think she'll ever get as sweet as Vixie, or even William.

And just a couple pictures to show how DRY it is out here. Yes, there's a little green here and there, but not too much. You see that brown tree? It's alive, just in hibernation because of the heat.

The little bit of green on the ground here is the revived grass from the rain we had a couple nights ago. But, with 104 temperature days again, it won't be green much longer, unless we get LOTS more rain. Hoping for rain.