Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lots of babies!

All the babies are getting big in the barn!

Shirley has 3 sable steels, 1 sable and 2 pointed white babies. One of the babies might be a REW, but I don't think so. They both look to have a little bit of coloring on their tail. I was kind of hoping for a REW.

Abby's babies are all so adorable and fat! They are all chinchillas - 5 chocolate and 1 black. 

Rum's babies are looking very nice. They are going to be some t-h-i-c-k babies and all chocolate carriers.

Kahlua's babies are 4 wks old now. She has 2 bucks and 2 does. I did get new pictures up of her babies last week at this link.

Krissie's babies are 3 wks old now too. She always has the cutest babies *ever*! She has 6 does and 4 bucks. The new individual pictures are up at this link.

That's about it for now! Just a short little update.