Monday, May 16, 2011

Babies All Over

We've got more and more babies being born here, thankfully :)!

Krissie's babies are all getting big. She still amazes me at her mothering abilities. She's such an awesome doe. To be able to raise her whole litter (large litters - 9-10 babies) by herself is a big blessing. She is a doe who will be around for awhile. Not only does she raise amazing litters, the babies always have gorgeous type (she's a beautiful doe). Her whole litter of 10 last time was extremely promising.

Krissie's self chocolate baby next to the smallest in the litter. Yes, the baby really is that tiny. He probably wouldn't have made it, but I let him nurse on Krissie extra in addition to the rest of the babies. It was just enough to get him up over the hump and now he's catching up beautifully. I don't normally do that with babies. But, this little guy had a will to live and I thought he stood a chance.

One of Krissie's broken chocolate chins. I think the pattern on this baby is so cool!

Kahlua's cuties...

This is the baby that Kahlua is raising of Krissie's.

One of Kahlua's chunky babies. This little one is so squishy!

Shirley's babies. She kindled to a litter of 7 yesterday (Sunday). All are shadeds of some kind, plus 2 whites or pointed whites.

She has 3 like this baby. They are all very light and look really dilute. But, I know sables can do that too. So, we'll wait a few days to see if they are sables or smoke pearls.

One of the lighter babies next to one of the two dark babies. The two dark babies are definitely sables. I'm so hoping that they are smoke pearls!

Just for fun, Kayla's two girls. The one in the front is the one I'm keeping (I think). The other will be going to Missouri, Lord willing.

Striper, the old man of the barn. He's just a couple weeks shy of 7 years old. He got fly strike last week (even though there are almost no flies in the barn...ugh...) and I thought he wasn't going to make it. I cleaned him all up, gave him a bowl of water, his feed and made him all cushioned in a carrier cage. This was at 1am in the morning and I really didn't think he'd be alive when I got up in the morning. Sure enough he was a live and a whole lot perkier.

He was eating & drinking and able to hop around. He surely has a will to live and has survived the odds a few times now, when I thought he was going down. He can't move around as well as he used to, but he's still eating, drinking & going strong.

My sweet old boy...

Rum is due anytime now. Abby is due in 4 days. Diamond palpates positive. And then I've got a few more does to palpate in the next few days.