Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Mini Lops are here!

Well, it's been long in coming and much awaited buns. Red Mini Lops are finally back at Hoppin' Herd of Hares.

I used to raise them about 6 years ago, but sold out to focus on the chocolates and lilacs. But, over the last couple years I've wanted to bring them back in. Thanks to ARBA Judge Jody Rosnik in Colorado, I was able to bring in a beautiful trio of reds. I spent a fair amount of money on them and bought them sight unseen. I normally don't do that, but I've worked with Jody so many times over the years, she said she'd pick me out the 3 best in her litters.

I couldn't be happier with the 3. They are beautiful. They are a little shy right now, but I think they will come around, as they are only 3 months old.

Two does and one buck came. Here are a few pictures:

Alpine's Sunset (doe):

Alpine's R (buck):

Alpine's Vixie (doe):