Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Views from the Barn

I thought I'd put a post up with just some updates from the barn.

Krissie's babies are all doing great. She has one *really tiny* little guy, but he seems to be hanging on quite well right now.

One of Kahlua's chocolate chestnuts. She has two of these!

One of Kahlua's babies and her baby from Krissie that she's raising. Amazing how much bigger the baby is of Kahlua's, even though it's just 3 days older.

Just a cute picture of....well, you can see who it is by the name tag :)!

Kate, Diamond's doe that I kept from her last litter.

Ginger trying to peek out of her cage...she's such a funny girl!

Striper and his new little ramp & shelf area. He likes to sit "up" on something!

The silly little cats, who like to lay on the grooming table all the time! Which, by the way, we're expecting kittens the end of the week!

The white board in the barn. This is very handy to have. It would be nice if the full thing was a whiteboard, but this works. It's nice to be able to write down birth dates, due dates, who to breed and when to palpate.

Kahlua's babies getting socialization from one of my little sisters. It's one of her favorite jobs!

And last, the meat bunny barn which has a bunch of "ugly" meat does and litters in it. We've got 42 babies in that barn right now. And more litters on the way!



NewlyAwakened said...

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