Monday, March 8, 2010

Updated site!

The website is updated with new pictures of Daisy's babies at 6 weeks old and Brianna's babies at 3 weeks old. Brianna's babies are 4 weeks old now, but I finally had a chance to get the pictures that I took of her babies last week up. You can see Daisy's babies here and Brianna's babies here.

At the moment there is at least one of Daisy's that I plan on keeping. A buck, of course! But, I could definitely use a buck or two in the herd. This little buck is by far my favorite out of Daisy's litter. He's so short, deep & thick! He feels so well put together.

There's another baby I have my eye on in Daisy's litter too. A cute little broken chinchilla doe. But, we'll see. I'd really like to keep a doe from Daisy's last litter here, as she will most likely be going to Washington in May :).

And for the surprise that I said I'd post about . . . we have a pair of Fuzzy Lops in the barn now :)! Thanks to Annabelle from Award's Bunnies. We got them through transport to the Neosho show a couple weeks ago. I got the pair for my 9 year old sister. She was so surprised and excited about them! She totes the little buck around all the time :).

Introducing Award's Bumfuzzle . . . a broken orange. He wouldn't sit still for half a second in these pictures because he was very antsy after the buck next door to him bred a couple does ;).

The little doe is an adorable lynx - Award's Buttercup. She's been a bit stressed out since we got her, so I am keeping her quarantined still under a watchful eye. But, Bumfuzzle has settled in quite well and will be a great little buck for my little sister :).

And I'll end with a picture of Daisy & her babies running around in the x-pen this morning. I hadn't let the bunnies run around on the ground for awhile, after the flea issues we had last Summer. But that has been under control for awhile now since I sprayed some bug spray that kills the fleas. I plan on doing that twice a year so that I never have to deal with fleas like I did last year again. They are so nasty & pesty! But, the buns have enjoyed taking turns running in the pen again.