Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Rythms of Spring . . .

The rhythms of spring finally seem to be coming. The birds are out and chirping, the frogs making noises from the pond and the sun shining. It was so warm and gorgeous today. About 70 degrees. Friday was also so nice and warm. Saturday was cooler & overcast, but still starting to feel like spring.

The buns seem to be feeling spring coming too. My does are being so willing to breed, it's great. Praise the Lord! I got 4 does bred on Friday and 1 doe bred today. Only have 2 more does to get bred and I'm hopeful they'll be willing soon.

Friday I bred:

Megan X Kyle
Cori X Justin
Kaylee X Kyle
Molly X Justin

Today I bred:
Amanda X Cameron

Just gotta get Kadence & Jana bred . . . hopefully both to Brad.

The babies are all looking great. There are several in Daisy's litter that look super promising! I'm hoping to type them and take pictures tomorrow. I didn't get to it today, since we were just enjoying being out in the sun.

I went on a walk with some of my siblings and they helped me collect some pine cones for the bunnies. The buns haven't had any pine cones for awhile, so they seemed to enjoy them this afternoon.

We also have a new "something" in the barn . . . a surprise that I will share with pictures soon hopefully ;). It's getting late and I don't feel like putting pictures into this post at the moment.