Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Sunday was a nice day, so I did my weekly tray dumping. And did any reorganizing the barn needed.

I also got this crazy idea to put taller legs onto the grooming table I use (it was an old antique desk that I had to kneel down at to take pics . . . kind of annoying). Since we have loads of scrap wood from all the construction that goes on around here with a small shed business my friend has, I was able to find 4 nice sturdy legs. Then attempted to put them on the table by myself. Mistake 1 of several ;). I realized I needed someone to help hold the table top while I secured the legs, but in the meantime the table top dropped and broke. Praise the Lord for the trial ;)! So, I had to either fix that table top or start from scratch. And I decided to start from scratch. I was able to get a nice, sturdy, heavy, tall, table built, but it took me probably about 3x as long as it would have taken my brother to build. Haha! I'm horrible when it comes to construction. But, it's nice to have something that is tall enough so I don't have to bend down on my knees to take pics or pose the buns.

So, here are a few pics. It's bigger than the other table I had, so it'll be easier to pose & take pics and also do any table breedings if need be.

And the previous table I had, got turned into a short little table/bench. Not too shabby ;).

Britney palpates positive. Molly, Megan, Cori & Kaylee also all palpate positive. I'm excited, hopefully they'll all have gorgeous babies. And a variety of colors. I'm hopeful Cori will have a lilac pointed white with Justin. If not, at least more chocolate pointed whites. We'll see. Just have 3 does left to palpate - Amanda tomorrow, Jana & Kadence in a few days.

Sarabeth's two broken sable bucks went to a photographer yesterday. She had reserved them when they were little babies. So, they'll be at the photographer's studio for a couple weeks and then come back here and be for sale.

Oh and to close, I'll post a couple pics of Bumfuzzle. He seriously has the funniest personality. If someone gets in the x-pen with him, he'll chase their feet around and try to find a spot to mount. He needs a doe BAD, haha!