Sunday, March 21, 2010

Insulation, Babies, & Snow

Friday was a beautiful, warm spring day with temps of about 70 degrees. I spent all day emptying the buns & stuff out of the barn and then putting them all back in. Why? Because my brother got the barn insulated with the spray foam insulation I had ordered. It is quite a messy process and the fumes aren't safe for the buns to breathe.

The barn needed to be sprayed for fleas/bugs anyways before they (bugs) all started coming back out with warmer weather anyways. So I got that done too since the barn was empty. This insulation should make a huge difference in the winter & summer.

Snow was predicted on the weather forecast for Saturday & Sunday. Since it was so warm on Friday, I highly doubted there'd be a storm. But, sure enough, it was a good 40 degrees colder come Saturday morning and freezing rain was coming down. Oklahoma's weather is so wild! 70 degrees one day . . . 30 degrees & an ice storm the next day. We got a good 8 inches at least of snow, since it snowed all night long & through much of today. Praise the Lord!

The buns will probably all start blowing their coats now. It's supposed to be back up into the high 60's by Tuesday.

I got pictures of Brianna's 6 week old babies on Friday and finally got them up on the website on Saturday. You can see the pictures here. I really like most of her babies. They are turning out very nice! I think I'll be keeping the sable chinchilla buck at this point. He is a gorgeous little guy and has an amazing personality. Sooooooo calm.

Kadence & Amanda palpate positive. Jana doesn't, but I'll retry her in a few days. Britney didn't take either. I wasn't totally sure she palpated positive a couple weeks ago, but it was iffy. So, I will rebreed Jana & Britney soon here. The other 6 does are all bred though and hopefully will have a plethora of colors and typey babies :).

Here's a couple pics of the insulation process:

My brother all suited up

Starting the spray