Monday, January 18, 2010

Nicole . . . babies . . . and more

The weather has been so nice lately, so I took some time to get a few pictures yesterday. I'll post them below.

Brianna palpated positive - yay! I'm excited to see her babies. Daisy's due this Saturday. My first Cameron babies!!

Two bunnies left today - Nick & Lauren - to Jennifer & her family down in Lawton, OK. They are a great home for the bunnies. Enjoy them, guys :)! They are slowly getting their herd started.

The 5 babies I have left from my late September babies should be leaving this Thursday to a pet home. Which will be wonderful!!

I'll just have a couple buns left for sale after that. I am considering putting Champage and/or Megan up on the sale page. Do I *really* need them? I don't know. Just some decisions which I have to make.

Onto the pictures now:

Sara's babies. They are 6 weeks old. Poor babies, their ears are so funky. They still haven't lopped. I think the cold froze their crowns, LOL! Their parents both have awesome crowns, so they should lop. I've never had a 6 week old litter not be lopped. I've seen some floppiness to their ears though the last day or so, so I expect them to lop soon.

Nicole is turning out be a beautiful doe! I'm excited to have a SELF chocolate in the barn again. It's been awhile since I've had a self chocolate keeper.

And, a couple pictures of my little boy, Cameron

This is what I was watching from my barn yesterday afternoon. Since it was a nice day, my 15 yr old sister took her goat kids out in the yard for a little bit to run & play. They are so cute, following her like their momma (she bottle raises her kids).