Monday, January 25, 2010

The babies here & babies on the way

Daisy's babies are all doing great!! I've been feeding her extra to insure that she has plenty of milk for all 10 munchkins. Thankfully they all have super full bellies! There is one baby that is a lot smaller than the rest, so we'll see if that one makes it or not. They all look like they are black chinchillas - 5 broken & 5 solid. Not that fun of a litter as far as color goes, but they should be typey babies!

Jana palpated positive yesterday also. And, I was able to get Amanda bred to Cameron a couple days ago as well. Litters are on the way, praise the Lord! Brianna's due February 5th.

I sold a couple of Sarabeth's babies last week to a family I've known online for the past couple years. It was quite a funny coincidence, since the mom called off my craigslist ad which I had run. She didn't realize who I was until I gave her my website to look up! So, anyways, they bought 2 babies last week. But, then tragedy struck and their dog accidentally got one of the babies Sunday morning. So, they came back to get another baby to replace the little one they lost, since everyone was in tears over it. Well, they ended up leaving with one more of Sarabeth's babies, Brantini & Champagne :)! They should be a great home for them and I was so glad that both Brant & Champagne went to a pet home, as they are such sweet buns. They will be spoiled & loved on :)! They also went home with a bottle baby goat!

I've known this family via the internet because they adopted a litter girl with Down syndrome from the Ukraine a couple years ago. As some of you may know, I have a wonderful little brother with Down syndrome. So, it was neat to meet their little one who they saved from the orphanage she was in and the fate of a horrible mental institution. They adopted her through Reece's Rainbow.

With all the buns I've sold the last week, I have 12 empty cages!! I just have 2 more that I'd like to move out. One is my cousin's bunny, so he's okay. The other is just a pointed white just turned sr. buck who's sale fell through and no one has snatched him up yet.

The weather has taken a turn and is quite cold again. It's supposed to be cold all week long and down into the single digits by the end of the week! I cleaned the barn yesterday, since it was just barely nice enough to get that all done before the cold spell came.