Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cold Times

The chores in the barn the past few days has just consisted of feeding & watering. Watering 3 times a day, since everything's frozen solid and not thawing out at all. It's lightly snowing again today.

My brother picked a heater up for me from Lowes today. A DeLenghi Oil Filled Radiator heater. In the short amount of time it's been plugged in out in the barn it's 1 degree warmer . . . 28 degrees. We'll see if it works well enough to keep it above freezing or not. It's technically a little small for the square footage of my barn, so we may need a couple heaters. Or a bigger one.

I palpated the 4 does I bred a couple weeks ago - Jana, Kaylee, Daisy & Champagne. Daisy is the only one who took. So fun. Whoever said raising rabbits is easy, didn't raise rabbits in Oklahoma! I've never had such a hard time getting rabbits bred until we moved out here. The climate & weather is just so difficult. The rabbits systems don't seem to cooperate as well out here, haha! Praise the Lord, at least I have one doe bred.

Back to the breeding table with the other 3 and any other does I can get bred. Brianna, Amanda, Megan, Britney & Kadence all need to be bred soon too.

I better get off to check on the heater & make my brother some chocolate-peppermint candy for his hard work on my shutters ;).