Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful Weather!

The weather is absolutely gorgeous this week. Praise the Lord! It's a sunny 50 degrees outside with not much of a breeze. I opened all 4 sides of the barn today, which is so nice. The buns always get so perked up when I open all sides.

Daisy's looking full of babies, she's 4 days away from her due date. I gave her the nestbox today, so hopefully we'll have a box full of babies soon!

Sara's babies' ears are finally falling. 3 ears were down today. Yay! I figured they'd lop, but I was beginning to wonder WHEN!

I looked out the kitchen window yesterday late morning and this is what I saw:

Shelley in between the screen door & the door. There's about 6" of space between the two, perfect size for a cat to be stuck in when the wind blows the inside door shut. It's not the first time I've seen her in there. But, I quickly go out and let her free. Silly cat.