Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The oil filled radiator heater didn't work . . . it was too small. Not too surprised that it didn't work. My dad & brother picked up an electric heat dish yesterday to see how that worked. It works okay, but doesn't really do the job.

So, we are going to try an outdoor propane heater. Since I have shutters that my wonderful brother made, I can have adequate airflow to let out the exhaust a propane heater will put out.

Hopefully we can get that heater picked up tomorrow and turned on, since it's supposed to be EXTREMELY cold the next couple days . . . like a high of 18 degrees and low of 2 degrees :).

I was able to get a doe bred yesterday, praise the Lord. I bred Brianna to Cameron. She was so hyper and wanted to be bred so bad, it was hilarious to watch her with Cameron. Cameron is slightly slow & laid back when it comes to breeding, so he had a hard time chasing her around the cage. Hopefully she took :).

Lauren also bred to Kyle very easily. She'll be leaving with Nick in a couple weeks to go to their new home down in Lawton, OK with Jennifer.

Some of the other does that need to be bred are looking like they may be receptive soon here. So, I'll keep trying and hopefully we'll have cages full of babies soon.

I sexed Sara's babies today . . . she has 3 bucks and 2 does, if I remember right. Only one of her babies is a pointed white and I'm pretty sure it's a broken pointed white. Oh well. Her two broken sables are adorable, but they are both bucks!

Oh and if you were wondering this is what I made for my brother the other day for his work on my barn :). Chocolate Peppermint candy. Simple, easy & yummy. Chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, peppermint extract & peppermint candies.



Adelaide Dupont said...

Wonderful hearing about the babies!

Adelaide Dupont said...

And the candies look delicious!