Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Cleaning

Thankfully this week has been SUNNY & much warmer. It's been a nice change from the cold, rainy, cloudy past couple months we've had.

I went ahead and took the opportunity to clean the barn today. I only got half the barn cleaned and re-organized, but the other half is *easy* to finished. The other half to clean is just the big cage unit and all that involves is taking the bunnies out of it and spraying it off.

I finally had the chance to get all the carrier cages cleaned out and put away under a tarp too. Some of them had shavings in them from random trips and stuff. I hadn't been able to get them all organized and put away right since my foot was broken and then it has been cold & rainy the past few weeks since I've been off crutches.

I hope to get some pictures of the babies tomorrow, Lord willing. We'll see though.

A couple days ago I received an exciting update from Jaimie in Louisiana. As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I sold several mini lops to her nephew a couple months back.

My nephew just won BIS at our state fair with the broken doe! He won his first belt buckle, a plaque, and a banner. Just wanted to let you know. He is so excited.
That was some great news to receive! Thanks for keeping me updated Jaimie and congrats again to Thad :)!