Friday, November 6, 2009

Update time . . .

A couple days ago I gave a few does ACV in their water. It worked again. Jake successfully bred Sarabeth yesterday. I'm hoping Tatianna will be ready to breed in the next day or so too.

I was able to get new pictures of the babies on Wednesday, but haven't had a chance to upload them yet. Our web server is in the process of upgrading, so we can't do anything with the sites for a couple more days anyway. I'm going to keep the bk chocolate doe out of Daisy's litter. She is beautiful. Very short & deep. Not that I *need* to keep another baby, but she will be very beneficial to the herd, I think. Plus, this is the last chance I have to keep anything out of Deckles :(. I'm not keeping anything from Kristen.

My two new rabbits are ALMOST here!! They should be somewhere in Texas or the first part of Oklahoma now and I should be picking them up within the next couple hours :). Yay! Will give more info & pictures once they arrive!

Jaimie emailed me a picture of Thad with his BIS bunny & all the stuff he won with it. Congrats again Thad :)! I'm so happy the buns have done so well. And this doe of his is a broken chocolate too!!



Joan McClure said...

Awww. Been checking out Daisy's broken chocolate doe on the website all evening, wondering if I'd ever be able get her from there to New Hampshire. Then I read the blog to see that you are keeping her. Boo hoo. She's gorgeous!! I would love one of your babies someday, and will keep watching.

Qadoshyah said...

Thanks Joan :)! I've had several people ask about her, but she is definitely a keeper, I think!

I'm sure we could get something to NH at some point . . . we did it to NH from CA before we moved out to OK. So, ya think we could do it since we're closer than CA ;).