Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Additions

On Friday night I picked up two new additions to the rabbitry. The hope was to pick them up early Friday morning, but the transporters didn't get out of convention as early as they were hoping. One is a chinchilla mini lop buck and the other is a chestnut agouti mini lop doe. They are both young seniors - the buck just turned 6 months old (like a few days ago) and the doe is almost 9 months old.

Buck: Posey's Cameron! I've wanted to get a buck from Kim & Cristina for awhile and it finally worked out a few months ago. This year I realized it was about time for me to bring in a new herd buck, since almost all my babies this year are out of one buck. I kept my eye on the Posey's sale page and asked about several bunnies, but then this little guy stuck out to me. I think he will be a great addition to the herd and looks like exactly what the herd needs. He's not from unfamiliar lines either, which is a benefit. Thanks again guys :). So, here is Cameron:

This is not the best picture of him at all, since he is a lot nicer than this. I'll try to get a new picture of him soon!

Doe: Silent Spring's Jana! I had tossed around the idea of bringing in a doe from the Posey's but that wasn't going to work out very well because of all the transport costs. So, I gave up on bringing in another doe, until I saw a post Michael put up doing a big herd reduction. Michael has gorgeous stock and I know he'll be selling out shortly for college, so I figured I'd get another rabbit from him while I had a chance with a transport. Jana is from completely new lines, but I know these lines mesh well with my current lines. Jana is out of pure Kitsemble lines :)! I have one doe from Sara Kitsemble, but she is in my pointed white project, so it's nice to have a doe for my chocolate/lilac project out of Kitsemble lines. Jana is one beautiful doe who I think will add A LOT to the barn :). Jana placed 8th of 39 in Youth ML's at the ARBA Convention in San Diego this past week!! She's having a bit of a rougher time adjusting to everything out here, but she's already starting to not be so stressed out.