Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Babies, Breedings & For Sale

Kristen kindled yesterday evening and she had 2 babies. Tiny litter, unfortunately. I really hope my next does due who have been on PenPals for a good month and a half now will have bigger litters. I never used to have small litters like this or Totsie's. But, with Kristen it may be the buck - Deckles is an OLD guy :).

Kristen has a "pink" and a lilac. Good colors!! I am so hoping the "pink" is a pointed white. A lilac pointed white would be awesome! I've been wanting to do this breeding since I bought Deckles, so I am glad that there is at least a couple live babies.

Totsie's babies are 3 lilacs and a chocolate. None of them are agoutis though.

Tatianna & Clara didn't take again. I think they reabsorbed because they did palpate positive. I am about fed up with them. This is the fourth try for Clara and I think third for Tatianna. I cut their food down to maybe 1/4 of what they normally get and am just going to breed them to whoever. I just have to get a litter from them before they get older (they are almost a year old as it is!). They are both really nice does, but I don't know how many more tries I will give them.

I bred Sugar to Brantini yesterday. I will probably let Sugar go after this litter. She's going to be hard to sell. She definitely has to go to the perfect home and that's why she has a high price tag on her. Because I lost Rose earlier this year and Champagne is my only Sugar baby, I would really like to have another one or two to replace Sugar. It would be a shame if something happened to Champagne and I don't have anything to replace Sugar, since she has been such a vital part of my herd.

I am going to be breeding Tara & Jenny over the next couple days. Daisy & Kaylee will probably be bred the end of this month (they are already almost 7 months old). I don't want to have breeding problems like I have with Clara & Tatianna because I wait too long to breed them.

We've had some gorgeous weather the past couple days, so I took a bunch of pictures of the buns yesterday. I'll work on getting the good pictures up.

I've added several to the for sale list, but haven't had a chance to update the site yet, so I will just post it here.



Bucks –

Silent Spring’s Kaden – Broken Chocolate Chestnut Agouti Sr. Buck. Nice buck, would like to see stronger shoulders and better HQ’s, but he throws great babies. Proven breeder. $45

Alpine’s Simin – Smoke Pearl Sr. Buck. Nice, SMALL buck. He’s a tiny little guy! Would like to see better depth on him. Proven breeder. $40

Does –

Prominent’s Totsie – Gold Tip’d Chocolate Steel Sr. Doe. Very nice doe! Will most likely be available after her current litter is weaned. $65

Milkhouse’s Jenny – Chestnut Agouti Sr. Doe. Very nice doe with 2 legs. Will most likely be available after her next litter (I plan on breeding her in a few days). $75

Hoppin’s Sugar Dust – Broken Opal Sr. Doe. Very nice doe who throws outstanding babies! Will most likely be available after her litter is born & weaned. $75


Bucks –

Hoppin’s TD2 – Black Jr. Buck (8 weeks old). Very promising little buck. Show/Brood/4-H $35

Does –

Hoppin’s LJ2 – Black Pointed White Jr. Doe (8 weeks old). Very promising doe. Her dam is a Desurra doe. $50