Sunday, April 12, 2009

4 and counting

The first doe due this weekend kindled this morning, Totsie. She made a beautiful nest and had 4 plump little babies in there. All lilac colors . . . hoping for a lilac chin in there. We'll see though.

Kristen made a nice nest in her box also and I expect her to have her babies right on her due date - tomorrow. Tatianna also made a nest in her box. Clara hasn't done much, but hopefully she'll make her nest in the box too.

Brandy's, Laci's & Tara's litters are 8 weeks old, so it was time for them to be weaned. I separated them all from their mom's. I mainly did it though because Brandy & Laci wanted to be bred BAD. Laci had pulled a couple handfuls of fur in her cage this morning, so I figured why not breed them. They are both in great condition. So, I bred Brandy to Brantini & Laci to Deckles.

I decided to keep one of Laci's babies - the buck. Unfortunately, he's a broken pointed, but he has a really nice body. So, I figured it would be worth it to grow him out and see how he develops.

That's about all for now!