Monday, April 6, 2009

New Juniors

Well, I finally settled on a name for each of the juniors I'm keeping from my current litters. Got the website updated today with their new pictures also.

While I was at it, I got some new pictures of Kadence. She's looking good! I like her a lot - very smooth & balanced.

The names are . . . . . . . .

Buck . . . Hoppin's Tennessee Mud

Doe . . . Hoppin's Daphnie

Oh, and I suppose I'll put a few pictures of Kadence here as well.

I was waiting for the weather to stay nice and warm, so I could keep the tarps on the barn open and get some good pictures of all the bunnies with natural lighting. But, that idea has gone out the window for now. It seems like we've had 5 cold or thunderstorm filled days for every 1 or 2 nice, sunny days :). It is sunny today, but definitely not warm! So different than California's springtime! Plus, now, all the buns are blowing their coats due to the feed change, so they aren't picture worthy anyways.