Thursday, March 12, 2009


New pictures of my 3 three week old litters are up on the site! They are all so cute and squishable right now!! I am so happy with how they look right now, hopefully they will continue looking great. Check 'em all out on the babies page.

I was able to sell all 5 available babies from Jenny's litter yesterday. Praise the Lord. I ran an ad on craigslist on Tuesday and they were all sold by the next day. All went to good homes too!

Fibre3 has not been working too great in my herd. They've been on it for 5 months now and I think that's plenty of time to know how it will affect them. After raising 7 litters on it and none of the litters have turned out like they typically do, I've had it. It's not something that is very visible, but it's something that I can feel and see because I know my herd and the results I typically get. I went all the way down to Vian, a good 35 miles south of our local town (Tahlequah) to pick up 6 bags of PenPals on Tuesday. I was going to get the 16%, but they loaded me up the 18%, so oh well. PenPals is a couple dollars cheaper than Fibre3 too.

The Tulsa RBA bulk orders PenPals every 4-5 weeks, so I am going to get on their bulk feed order. It'll be cheaper than the feed store in Vian and also a lot closer . . . especially considering the fact that I go into Tulsa every two weeks anyways.

Jenny's 3 babies feel better already. Coincidence? It must be, since they've only been half-way switched to PenPals since Tuesday night. They could just be growing. I don't know, but I can't wait to see how Brandy's, Laci's & Tara's babies do on this feed for the next couple weeks.

I looked at Kadence again today. Wow, I'm so glad I chose to keep her. I'll be sure to get some new pictures of her asap. Maybe later today. I'm thinking of breeding some does, although I don't know if I want to since it's so cold outside right now. But, I've gotta get some girls bred.



LilBitFarms said...

Your baby mini's are the cutest I've ever seen! The colors are amazing!!!
Keep up the good work!
Melanie - who wants a choc steel =D