Thursday, March 26, 2009


I took some new pictures of my 3 litters since they just turned 5 weeks old. You can see them all here ~ Brandy's litter, Tara's litter & Laci's litter.

We're keeping a buck from Brandy's litter and a doe from Tara's litter. I'll make my decision as to whether I keep a baby from Laci's litter in a few weeks when they are about 8 weeks old.

These two babies are so promising! And their both chocolate colors to boot!

Brandy's buck . . . still deciding on a name for him. I'm leaning towards an alcholic drink name most likely :). Wow, he is JUST what I have been hoping for in a solid agouti chocolate colored buck.

Tara's doe . . . still deciding on a name for her as well. Thinking Tiffany or Tracie, but maybe will go for a chocolate name. Not sure yet. She is solid & short. Beautiful doe!