Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy Weekend

My cousin has been working on my "flush kleen" cage system for the past couple weeks. He spent almost all week last week working on it up here at my barn, since all preliminary set-up work was done. It's very cool! There's a few minor modifications/touch-ups to do, but it's pretty much done.

It holds 24, 24"x24" cages - 12 on top, 12 on bottom. I have twelve empty cages now with this set-up, very cool. I am able to have a few more "baby cages" as well - up to 9 of those. So, the barn total comes out to 34 hole rabbitry (including my retired doe, Truffle's, pen).

The barn was a wreck all last week, so I had to spend all day Sunday re-organizing and making it workable in here. It's nice now!

We dropped off Danielle's 3 mini lops at the Fayetteville, AR airport and they should be arriving in Louisiana in about an hour :). They were supposed to be shipped on Friday, but the flight was cancelled due to bad weather (gotta expect that out here!).

I will work on getting some pictures of the cage system up and posted, but just wanted to check in here.