Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long Week

It's been a long week, but I'll give as best an update as I can :).

Brandy's, Tara's & Laci's babies are all doing great. Their eyes are open now and they are looking so cute! Laci has two pointed whites and one REW, I think . . . it's hard to tell for sure. They may all be pointed whites. Tara's babies are so stinkin' cute - they have monster heads - thanks to daddy Deckles :).

Last week the weather was really nice (in the 70's) for most of the week, until Friday. Friday evening the temps dropped rapidly to below freezing and Saturday we had snow. Crazy, crazy. Some of the buns didn't handle this too well. One of them came down with wry neck. I caught it right away though, so she should be fine. I dealt with wry neck rarely in California and I've dealt with it twice already out here. *Sigh* Oklahoma is a harsh environment.

As much as I hate switching feeds, I am finding myself need to find a new feed again. Fibre3 is just not cutting it. My babies are not like they used to be. I miss my Templeton feed big time :(. My babies don't have the fullness and are not as well filled out when they are growing. I've noticed this in all of my litters I've had here and they've all been raised on Fibre3. I've had enough of it now. I am hoping my feed store will order PenPals for me, as I think (& hope) that it will be a better feed. Otherwise I have to pick some up from a feed store half an hour north. I would like to switch asap so that my 3 current litters won't be raised on Fibre3.

Jenny's babies are doing good. They are almost 7 weeks old now and getting close to being ready to go to their new homes. I like JK2 - the chinchilla doe. She is looking very promising. One of the broken chinchilla bucks is decent too - JK7. JK8 the other broken chinchilla buck is not too bad either, but he has some slightly funky shoulders.

I've decided to name the little doe I'm keeping from Jenny's litter Hoppin's Kadence.

Now the fun part . . . baby pictures:

Tara's 2 ~
My favorite of Tara's :)
Laci's 3 ~

Brandy's 4 ~

Little "Kaden Jr" :)

This little one is being raised by Tara

I think that's about it for now . . .