Friday, March 13, 2009

Does bred

I was able to get 3 does bred last night and 1 doe bred today, thankfully.

Hopefully they will all take and have nice big litters.

Brantini X Totsie

Kaden X Clara

Josh X Tatianna

Deckles X Kristen

My senior doe who came down with wry neck a couple weeks ago was not getting better, even after the second treatment of Ivomec. She has been continually getting worse the past few days, so I had to make a hard decision and have my brother put her down :(. I so did not want to, but she was not getting better, only worse. She was getting so bad, she was rolling. It was horrible to see. So, bye-bye sweet Chocolate :(.

While out in the barn earlier today, and making the hard decision about Chocolate, I decided to play around with my babies some. They are so fun! Brandy's little chocolate chestnut boy has me taken. I am so hoping he turns out nice. He is the cutest thing right now and with the most awesome personality.

"Where are you?"

I can't get over how much Brandy and Daisy look like each other. Daisy is just a wider version of Brandy, LOL. Brandy's 3 weeks into raising a litter, so she obviously isn't in as good of condition as Daisy. Their patterns are almost *identical*.



LHHR said...

awwwww! they are soooo similar! and the little buck is cute! :)

LilBitFarms said...

Ok, choc chestnut or choc steel, either want = want!