Friday, March 21, 2008

What's going on here . . .

Not too much is going on with the buns here.

Of the 6 does I have bred, 3 of them palpate positive (Sugar, Mocha & Amber), 1 is not prego (Milky), and I have to palpate the other two does, Val & Totsie, next week.

Lisa Davis (Milkhouse Lops) and I will be doing a trade in June, Lord willing. I had told Lisa a couple years ago that if she ever sold her doe, Milkhouse's Ivory, to let me know. She contacted me earlier this year saying that she will most likely be ready for Ivory to move on after a litter (in time for the WA state convention). She wanted a chocolate buck, so we decided to do a trade. Brandy has a gorgeous broken chocolate buck in her litter (BD2) and hopefully Lisa & I will be trading in June.

This is the broken chocolate buck, BD2:

And, here's Ivory:

~ Qadoshyah