Monday, March 10, 2008

Tulare Show & More

We had a long day at the Tulare show on Sunday (3/9). We took 17 bunnies up to Tulare. 4 of mine to show, 1 doe to breed, several pre-sold bunnies and a few for sale bunnies. I came home with 7 of the bunnies I had taken plus my two new does from Canada!

My show results on Sunday were:

*only listing the note worthy placings!*

Open Show A - 65 mini lops; judge Joe Lugo
Hoppin's Daiquiri (Bk lilac buck) - 4/10
Hoppin's Junior (PW buck) - 4/8

Open Show B - 65 mini lops; judge Scott Williamson

Didn't do good at all . . . can't stand how the judge posed the buns.

ML Specialty - 65 mini lops; judge Randy Shumaker

I only entered Daiquiri. He was 7/10, but he got excellent comments from Randy.

I registered Daiquiri, Junior & Mocha. Amber was 2 ounces over the weight limit (she was perfect weight last week when I weighed her!), so I couldn't register her.

I raffled the sable steel jr. buck I had and the registrar won him smile.gif.

The competition was very stiff - Kassi Sieber, Chris Desurra & Annette Stauber were all there. It was nice to meet Kassi, since I'd never met her before.

The central cali shows are much nicer than the southern cali (particularly Pomona) shows, that's for sure!

Chris really liked Junior & my little pointed baby I had there. He's very impressed with how their type is coming along.

I also met Jackie & Caitlyn Vhorhees (sp?) at the show. Caitlyn is a youth ML breeder. Jackie also really liked my pointed bucks I had there!

I bred Hoppin's Mocha Fudge to Michael's registered grand champion opal buck, SSR's Sundance Kid. Michael bred his broken chocolate doe, SSR's Truffle to my buck, Daiquiri. Both does were willing to breed (especially Mocha!), so hopefully they took :)!

It was a good show all around and I'm glad we were able to go!

I bred Amber today to Cody. She willing bred also. Hopefully all 4 of my does that I've bred the past few days all palpate positive . . . got 10 days until then :).

I'll post with some information on my two new does from Canada tomorrow, hopefully . . .