Friday, March 14, 2008

Some new for sale items & buns

I've got a few cages and some metal trays for sale.

I will have to look to see how many trays I have and the exact sizes. Today is very windy, so I'll work on getting pics and more details of these trays and the other cages I'll list below in the next few days. I'll give the price for the lot of the trays later on. Individual trays will be $1 or $2.

1 - 4 hole hanging cage - 3 of the holes are 15"x24" and one of the holes is 30"x24". The doors have nice latches on them. Two holes have a feeder and the other holes have spots cut for feeders. In good condition. $15

1 - 24"x24" cage. Nice sturdy cage. Has a spot for a tray, but I do not have any tray. Has feeder attached. $5

1 - 24"x30" cage. Sturdy cage. Has a sloped door/lid (opens from top). $5

1 - 24"x 36" or 40" cage. Has a spot for a tray, and there's a possibility I have the tray out there, but will have to look to be sure. Sturdy cage. The door is slightly small, and could use a bit of a better latch.

1 - 24"x18" cage. Nice cage, in good condition. I've used this cage a lot for taking babies to shows, etc! The roof has a slight bend in it, but that can be fixed easily (just pushed back up!). Pretty sure it has a tray with it.

I'll be selling a few seniors soon. I have one senior buck available right now, but I will have 3 more seniors available soon, Lord willing.

The seniors that will be available soon are:

Hoppin's Cody - pics & info can be seen here. *He will be available in the next month or so.

SSR's Amber - pics & info can be seen here. *may have someone who wants her after her litter is born and weaned*

Hoppin's Mocha Fudge - pics & info can be seen here. *She will be available after she kindles and weans her litter.

~ Qadoshyah