Thursday, March 13, 2008

New pictures and another breeding

I bred another doe today . . . Val X Junior. This is a repeat breeding. Val just weaned her babies a week ago or so (they were 8 wks old anyways!), so I decided to repeat the breeding that I got Kristen (& two other pointed white bucks) out of. Hopefully they'll be more does in this next litter!

I took new pictures and typed Brandy's & Caramel's babies today. I tattooed them all earlier in the week (what a chore - 14 babies to tattoo!). You can see their pictures here and here. There's some nice babies in those litters, especially Brandy's babies!

I've decided to keep Brandy's broken chocolate buck, BD3. He's very deep and short along with an awesome head! I haven't decided what I'll name him yet though . . . am thinking of Steven, but not too sure yet. I am considering keeping Caramel's black buck, CC6, since he is nice too, but I am undecided still.

~ Qadoshyah