Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tootsie & Totsie are here from Canada

I picked up my two new does on Sunday that I got from Jess & Taryn when they sold out of their Mini Lops. It took about 3 weeks for them to get down here to California. They were transported with a couple different breeders, housed in Washington for 3 weeks and then brought down from Oregon with Marla.

Tootsie & Totsie are a mother/daughter pair. They have lived together since Totsie was born. I have them in my pen that I use for my retired does. Tootsie needs to gain some condition back, so I won't be breeding them right away. Hopefully I can breed them within the next month or so.

Tootsie is not as nicely typed as Totsie, but she makes up for it in her personality ;)! She has the cutest personality! She's super sweet!

Totsie is a 'wild child' . . . she likes to run up and down the pen and all over the place. She is sweet too, but not like Tootsie. Totsie has gorgeous type though!!


Both Does:
~ Qadoshyah