Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mercedes' babies, a New Site Design and More.

Phew, it's been a very long Memorial Day weekend and week. Last week we had two new litters born. Erika had her first litter sired by Bacardi - a litter of 3. Brioni also had her first litter sired by Ganache - a litter of 7. There are a total of 4 chocolate based babies between the two litters, with the other 6 being black based babies.

Brioni had a rough day or two after her litter was born, just acting "off", so two of her babies were fostered over to Erika, since she only had 3. It was a good thing, because Erika has MORE than enough milk for even 5 babies.

Mercedes' babies are 4 1/2  weeks old now and so adorable. Individual pictures of them all are up on the website here.

Speaking of the website, I got a crazy idea last week to redo the entire website and redesign it. It turned out perfect and I'm so happy with it. Looks really cool. So, check out the website too.

Now, onto some pictures, because I'm quite tired out and don't have much else to write for the time being :).

A few pictures of Mercedes' munchkins:

Miss Brioni making her nest :).

The rest of the babies are all getting very antsy and wanting to get out of their boxes. 5 of them are all done with their nestboxes. So, there' just a few left with their boxes.

Erika's litter:

Brioni's litter:

Just a picture of the barn from the other day: