Thursday, May 9, 2013

Juniors & More Babies

Here are some updated/current pictures of our two youngest "keeper" juniors from our last litters.

The buck, Hoppin's Keone. He's a pretty little, solid bodied, lynx boy.

The doe, Hoppin's Camaro. She is really impressing me and I can't wait to see how she matures! Gonna be one thick, awesome girl!

We have 16 babies in the barn right now from 3 does. And 4 more does due any day.

Goldie has a litter of 4:

Mercedes babies are just over a week old - she has 6.

Keerah had a litter of 6 babies this week - 2 blues and 4 lilacs.

Little, the barn cat has two really cute little ones. Their eyes are just starting to open, so they are getting to the fun age!

3 does = 16 babies! 6 more does due this month and then our baby cages will be FULL :)!

Natalie is one of the girls due today. She's full of babies, along with Tampa, Malia and Abrielle.