Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Organized Barn, New Babies & Sweetpea

Mercedes kindled to a lovely litter of 8 on Monday night. She was bred to Escalade, so the babies are all chocolates and lilacs. She has 4 brokens, 2 solids and 2 charlies. The charlies are VERY heavily patterned though.

Lexus had a litter last night (Tuesday) by Ganache. Just one baby. It's a chocolate. She tends to have smaller litters, so I fostered Mercedes smallest two over to her.

Monday was barn cleaning day. Everything came out of the barn. Got scrubbed down. Rust got ground off the legs of the cage system. The legs got repainted. New tray edging was put on the cage system. A new table was built in the barn with new carpet put on the whole thing.

It was a very long, 9 hour day, but it felt so good to get it all cleaned and organized.

An upclose of the new carpeted table that my brother built for me.

We had some baby kittens born in the barn a week ago also. A little calico (female) and an orange (male).

Several bunnies got nestboxes last night, as we have 8 does due within the next couple weeks. Goldie is due on Friday. Keerah is due on Sunday. Several are due the middle of next week, then we have about a 10 day break before the rest are due.

Sweetpea is my just turned senior doe from Goldie's last litter in October. She has her mama's photogenic side for sure. I got her out just to pose her up this morning and she sat there like a little doll for me :). Very sweet doe, as her name implies.