Friday, February 19, 2010

Pictures finally!

Pictures are finally up on the website. Yesterday was the perfect day to get pictures. So beautiful, warm (55 degrees) & sunny.

A lot of the rabbits are in great condition (not molting!), so I took the opportunity to get some pictures of a few of them.

Daisy's babies can all be seen at She has 5 does and 4 bucks. Nice buck:doe ratio. I'll put a few of my favorite pics of them here though ~

And Brianna's babies are getting so big & cute ~

Finally I was able to get updated pictures of Kyle now that his coat looks nice. He gets a funky looking coat when he molts because he's a sable. He is turning into such a nice buck, praise the Lord.

I got some new pictures of Cameron. He was a bit thin over the top for a bit, but I added just a little more feed to his daily amount and he has filled in super well!

Kadence palpates positive. It took forever to get her bred, it seemed like. Hopefully she'll have some gorgeous babies, just like her mother, Jenny, always did!

Amanda is due on Tuesday, so her box will have to go in tomorrow.

Since it was such a nice day yesterday I got the barn all cleaned out and reorganized. I've had to keep wood shavings on the ground for the last few weeks, since everything has been so damp and moist out here. It's made a big difference in the barn, particularly since I have a dirt floor. It makes it feel so much cleaner in there ;).