Thursday, February 4, 2010


We got about 10"-12" of snow last Friday. The weather has been wet & cloudy since then. We have yet to have a day of sunshine. The sun peeked out from the clouds a few times yesterday, but not much. But, the weather has been above freezing, so everything has been melting. And is still melting. Which makes for some mucky, muddy, nasty conditions! Everything is sopping wet and so muddy.

It'll be nice to have a sunny day to be able to clean the barn out. It needs some cleaning! I did a little bit today (the stuff that desperately needed done), since the weather was only misting this morning. That's one thing that was nice about California, the sun was out so much! The clouds are out all the time in Oklahoma it seems! Praise the Lord, I wouldn't trade this. Oklahoma is much better than California.

Daisy's babies are doing awesome. They are getting to the really cute & fun age . . . open eyes and getting so interactive. I've been bringing them inside at night so they don't freeze if they get out of their box. They are so cute in the morning when I take them out to Daisy. They all go nuts! All 9 babies are still going strong. I'm very thankful Daisy has had enough milk to fully supply all of her babies.

Brianna is due tomorrow. I'm not sure how many to expect with her, since she doesn't look huge. But, Daisy didn't look huge with 10 either. And they are half sisters, so . . .

Amanda palpates positive. I was able to get Megan bred on Friday. I bred her to Kyle. They should make a nice match. We just have a few more does to breed - Kadence, Britney, Cori & Kaylee.

I will try to get some pictures of Daisy's munchkins soon. Maybe tonight when I bring them in or in the morning.