Monday, February 8, 2010

Chinchillas Galore!

There are so many chinchillas in my two current litters. Hopefully some of my other does who are due over the next few weeks will have some different colors.

Daisy's 9 are all black chinchillas - 4 solid, 5 broken.

Brianna's 7 are 4 black chinchillas and 3 sable chinchillas. I was hoping they were chocolate chinchillas, but they have that distinctive funky sable color to them. This will be exciting, as I've never had a sable chinchilla in my barn before. I did not even think Brianna carried anything to be able to produce a shaded. But, obviously she does. Will have to work on her genotype to figure out where she got what from ;).

Amanda is due in a couple weeks and she'll probably have some chinchillas. But, hopefully some steels too.

Megan palpates positive. She is bred to Kyle. It'll be interesting to see if we get any kind of fun colors from them.

Kadence finally was receptive to being bred yesterday. And Brad was active enough to let me do table breeding. Brad is seriously the slowest buck I've ever had or seen. So slow. Hopefully he'll pick the act up more as he gets older. I do have to remember he is very young still.

Jana aborted her litter last night. She was due in a week, so she was 3 weeks along. What a bummer, but praise the Lord anyways. She had 3 babies in her cage last night. I am thinking she may have had a 4th baby since there was a 4th placenta in her tray. I don't know why she would've aborted, as she seemed fine earlier in the day. She acted fine this morning. First time I've ever had a doe abort a litter in the 8 years I've been raising rabbits.

I was able to get the barn cleaned yesterday. It feels so much better in there now! I even cleaned the big trays off with 4 gallons of white vinegar and they look way better. I was just able to squeak in a cleaning before another storm hit. Yep, it's snowing again. There's about 2-3 inches of snow outside. The snow has stopped for the time being though. We'll see if we get anymore or not. Hopefully not. The sun is supposed to out tomorrow . . . but we'll see. I never believe that until I see it out here ;).