Friday, February 26, 2010

Organizing the Barn

My brother built me two nice & sturdy shelves in the barn, which will make lots more room in there. I can keep all the shavings, wood pellets, nest boxes, cat litter, and whatever else I have in there up on those shelves and out of the way.

I had been in & out the last couple of days, so when I got home today I spent some time organizing the barn. It should be much more spacious in there soon! There's just a bit of organizing left to do.

Brianna's babies are 3 weeks old now and they are soooo cute! Hopefully Sunday will be nice and I can get some pictures of them. It's almost time to start typing Daisy's babies . . . they grow so fast!

Insulation is ordered too! It should be here next week. And then whenever we have a nice day, we can get the barn cleared out, the buns out of it and my brother can spray the foam insulation. It'll make a big difference, especially in the summer, Lord willing.

Yeah, I know, I mention "my brother" whenever a big project is done on my barn. I actually have 4 brothers, but the brother I mention is my 17 year-old brother, Norayah. He's such a blessing and does great construction work!