Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not much happening, but something I wanted to share

There is not much to update on the bunnies. I hope to get pictures of Jenny's babies tomorrow. It does look like Laci has two pointed whites, so that is exciting :). Look for a more detailed blog post tomorrow!

I wanted to post something that is completely not related to rabbits, but that is something very near & dear to me. Something I posted on my other blog and something that needs awareness.

If Only . . .

On February 11, two little girls died in Eastern Europe from the flu. These little girls had Down syndrome and because of that were put in an institution. Many of the children in Eastern Europe who are born with a diagnosis of Down syndrome, are placed in orphanages and when they turn 5 years old are sent to an institution. The children, once placed in an institution, typically die within the first year of being there. This is a very sad reality and something that happens all the time.

If only the perspective of doctors in these countries would change.

If only the doctors would not tell the parents the "state will do a better job" of raising these children that have something "wrong" with them.

If only parents weren't deceived into thinking these children are such a hardship.

If only countries wouldn't make adoption such an expensive, complicated process, so many more of these "unwanted" children could have families.

If only these children were given love, they would thrive.

But, instead, the children in these orphanages and institutions are left tied to cribs, starved, neglected, shunned, and unloved. They die at a young age and hardly anybody knows. Just like these two little girls below.

Margarita ~
Katarina ~

While I'm at it, if you are unaware of what I am referring to with the mental institutions above, click here to go to a particular post on my other blog.