Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Been a few days . . .

It's been a few days since I posted a blog. I was going to post a blog Monday, but I had a slight emergency come up and that blew my Monday night.

All 3 of my girls, Laci, Brandy & Tara, kindled spot on their due date - Monday. Rarely do all my does do that, but I was glad :). Laci has 3 kits - all "pinks" - will be REWs or pointed whites. Brandy has 4 kits - 2 charlies, 1 broken, 1 solid - all chocolate agoutis (choc. chins or choc. chestnuts). Tara has 2 kits - a black & a chocolate.

I had bred Tara to Deckles & Kaden. But, it looks like her babies are Deckles. Kaden doesn't carry self and both of Tara's are selfs. So, Deckles must be the dad. First live Deckles babies, yay!

Chocolate & Clara both were ready to breed on Monday, so I bred them both. Chocolate to Brantini & Clara to Kaden. I plan on breeding a couple more does this week too.

Tattooing is something I have slacked on big time since we moved out here. Before we moved, I had a great routine down. Tattoo'd every litter when the babies turned 4 weeks old (seems to be the easiest age to tattoo). But, the move & all the stress that went along with it, threw my routine off big time. But, Jenny's babies are 4 weeks old, so I went ahead and tattoo'd them Monday. 5 babies into tattooing and having a lot of issues, I decided to see if the needle was dull. Sure makes things easier if you have a sharp needle! I was able to get the last 3 babies done no problem. So easy.

I'll be typing and getting new pictures of Jenny's babies later this week or early next week, Lord willing.