Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hay & Nestboxes

We've had some problems with the hay that we have been feeding. We were buying hay from a ranch just a couple miles down the road from us. It was alright for awhile, but it is moldy. I've always been skeptical of the hay, but never been too serious. Mold can cause major problems. So, I've quit feeding that hay. My sister has goats, so they bought some new hay and had it delievered.

$4.50 a bale to have it delivered here! Cheap, I tell ya! This hay is a mix of blue stem grass & bermuda grass. It's very nice hay. Smells good. Looks good. And the bunnies like it a lot! What a relief to have nice hay again.

I gave all the bunnies the new hay yesterday and of course, Brandy started nesting away. I gave her a box a day early and she's made a gorgeous nest.

Tara & Laci got their boxes today. Clara & Tatianna both must've reabsorbed their litters, as they have no babies in them. Bummer. I haven't had does reabsorb litters for awhile, so this was dissappointing. I guess they aren't completely settled in from the move yet. I know it's been hard on them!

Because I haven't used a few of my nestboxes for a couple months, the mice have decided they made good spots to leave tons of droppings & pee in. Ugh, so annoying. I had to change the bottom of one of the nestboxes, since it was just so nasty. Just have to save enough money to be able to cement the floor of the barn and then the mice shouldn't be a problem anymore.