Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Barn updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have had a pretty busy week. I was going to write a nice, informative post last night, but ran out of time. So, you get an update post for now and I'll try to write a more exciting post another day :).

Jenny's babies have been able to stay with her all the time now for the past several days. Jenny seems to have caught on really well and she is taking great care of the babies. I sexed her babies today and she has 4 bucks & 4 does. Nice even split :).

Broken chins - 2 bucks, 1 doe
Broken chestnuts - 1 buck, 1 doe
Solid chins - 2 does
Solid chestnut - 1 buck

Here's a couple pictures of the munckins ~

It's a beautiful, cool day today, so I was able to clean the barn out. It was much needed. It always feels good to get that done again :).

I was given 5 cages, and one 4-hole carrier from a family I know in Missouri. I helped get them started in rabbits a few years ago while they lived in California. They ended up moving to Missouri about 3 years ago and brought their rabbits with them. But, they have slowly stopped breeding & showing for various reasons. Now, we are only about 3 hours from them, since we've moved to Oklahoma too :)! Laura offered me these cages a few months ago and my cousin happened to be making a trip into MO yesterday, so he was able to pick them up. They are nice Bass cages! 3 of them are 24"x30" (baby cages :)!!), and 2 are 24"x18". Thanks so much Laura!!

With the cold weather that comes with Oklahoma winters, there are times that I would like a screen door on my barn so that I can at least let some light and air in. It's often times too breezy to open the tarps up (be way too much of a cold draft). So, I mentioned that to my 16-year-old brother and asked him to build me a screen door of some kind. He is very mechanically included, so we figured out how to build it very easily. He's great at welding, so he made me a very nice, very sturdy screen door out of scrap expanded steel and an old bed frame. It only cost me $15 for the hinges & latch - and only took him a day! Look how it turned out. My brother's great!!



LilBitFarms said...

Wow, love the screen door! Can I borrow your brother??

Are you planning on coming to the Duncan show in March?