Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh yeah!

I did a "sneak-peek" of my almost 3 week old litters to see if I could sex them. I could sex 5 of Brandy's 6 babies . . . she has 3 does & 2 bucks. I think the one baby I didn't sex will be a buck. That will be nice - even again, as with her first litter. I hope her little agouti does turn out nice - it'd be nice to have a solid chocolate chestnut doe!

I like does who are consistent with their litters. I don't like the does who always throw a little full of bucks or almost full of bucks! Val was like that with her litters, I hope Kristen's babies are not like that!!

Caramel's babies are both bucks - oh well, I guess I won't be keeping a replacement from her.

Rose has 3 does and 1 buck - YAY! If the buck is nice enough, he may stay here. We shall see though.

I'll get individual pictures on Sunday or Monday, Lord willing and will post the links to their pages when I get 'em up.

~ Qadoshyah