Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lots going on . . .

I've got quite a bit to update about ;).

We'll start with Chocolate . . . she was my second doe due on Friday. She didn't kindle until late Sunday night through Monday morning. She kindled to 2 huge DOA's. She pulled a MASSIVE amount of fur (FILLED a gallon ziplock bag!), so I saved all of that. I'll rebreed her sometime when she gets some of her fur grown back and gets some weight back on her ;).

Kristen's babies are all doing great - she has 1 smoke pearl, 2 sables & 2 "pinks" (hoping for a blue pointed white!).

Brandy's, Rose's & Caramel's babies are getting big too.

Brandy has 1 chocolate chestnut, 1 chocolate chinchilla, 1 brkn chocolate chinchilla, 1 charlie chocolate chestnut, 1 broken chocolate, & 1 charlie chocolate. Very nice variety of colors! I'm excited to have the chocolate chestnuts, as they are SUCH a pretty color.

Rose's babies all still just look like lilacs . . . I'm not sure if she will have any steels or not. She's a very lightly ticked steel, so some of her babies may get the ticking in a few days.

Caramel's chocolate baby is actually a silver tip'd chocolate steel. I am a bit disappointed with that, as it means Caramel is a non-extension, hidden steel (most likely AaBbc(chl)cD-E(s)e). I will be selling Caramel when her litter is weaned.

I bred two more does over the past two days. I rebred Kiss to Simin (hopefully she takes this time) and I bred Sugar to Daiquiri. Sugar's litter is a repeat of a breeding I did in California. Her lilac son from that litter, Hoppin's Moses (SD3) is almost granded! I figured it'd be good to repeat that breeding, since I didn't get to keep anything from that litter.

I did not plan on buying anymore new bunnies this year through convention. But, a deal came up that I couldn't resist, so I will be getting (Lord willing) a beautiful blue RGC buck who is the exact addition the pointed whites need - Vail's Mr. Deckles :).

The does that I sent to Finland made it there safe & sound with no problems. Here's a picture of Amber from Maija. . . Amber is totally spoiled rotten!

I'll put up another post with pictures of the barn that is now completed!!

~ Qadoshyah