Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Babies are getting cuter!

The babies are all getting to that really cute age, after their eyes open. Brandy's babies ears are all lopping and they are oh so cute! I had her babies out on the grooming table earlier today and man, are they wild! A couple of them jumped off the table - thankfully they landed in the hay, so it wasn't much of a fall ;).

Here's some pictures of the babies ~

Kristen's babies - her babies eyes are just beginning to open.

Rose's babies - aren't they cute?!

Caramel's babies with 2 of Brandy's babies that Caramel is raising (the top two are Brandy's)

Brandy's lil munchkins

This chocolate chestnut is soooooo cute! I have a feeling several of Brandy's babies will be bucks, since their heads are SO wide already!

I have to palpate Sugar & Kiss tomorrow to see if they took. I'm really hoping they took! I can't wait for some more Sugar babies - they are ALWAYS the cutest!

Milky & Junior both left with Tammy on Sunday. She'll be transporting them to convention where they will be picked up by a couple other breeders who will take them to their new owners. Milky will be going to Kim & Erika in Michigan (BTW, they have a nice website now - Junior will be going to Vanessa in Oregon (

Mary Whitney will be bringing Deckles from Karin and dropping him off with Tammy. I'll be able to pick him up a couple weeks after convention, hopefully!

After 3 months of being in Oklahoma, I finally ran out of the feed I had brought from California - Templeton feed (which is a GREAT feed!). Thankfully I had researched the feed mills and different rabbit pellet brands they sell out here a few months ago. I settled on a feed milled by a local mill - Stillwater Milling Co. It's called A&M Feed. The ingredients of the pellets looked the best to me and they are also a reasonable price. The feed is fresh & green as well. So, we made a run up to their mill in Claremore, OK to pick up some of their feed. I had about 1/4 bag of Templeton left to be able to mix in with the A&M. We shall see how the buns do on this!

~ Qadoshyah