Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Changing Feeds . . .

This is something I do not like doing! I like to have one feed, that works great, that the bunnies are fed all the time. That's the way it was in California and I used the same feed for 4 years! Unfortunately that feed is a California milled feed and is only available in California.

I had done research before we moved and found a feed that looked good out here. A locally milled, Oklahoma feed - A&M feeds. The ingredient list on the bag of feed was a bit different than the ingredient list that I was emailed from the mill before we moved out here. The feed was very dusty, not that green & didn't smell super fresh. It was okay, but not great enough where I wanted to drive 45 minutes away to get it.

I used it for 2 weeks and decided to switch. I was going to use PenPals, but the feed store sent my brother home with the wrong thing - Purina Fibre3. I was disappointed at first. I have NEVER liked Purina feed. I was going to return the Fibre3 to the feed store & get the PenPals. But, I went ahead and did a bit of research on Fibre3. I found out it doesn't look so bad afterall! It's got a lot of good ingredients in it and it doesn't have a bunch of "fillers."

I figured I have nothing to lose, and possibly all to gain. So I went ahead and am trying it.

So far so good. The rabbits LOVE the feed and go nuts over it. It smells VERY fresh, looks fresh & is nice and green. Hopefully the rabbits will do well on it . . . we shall see. I don't want to have to switch feeds again in such a short time frame.

~ Qadoshyah