Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Website Update, Pointed White Sell Out & More

I updated the website this morning - adding and removing some buns, as well as updating pictures.  I also updated the for sale page.

After much thought, I've decided to sell out of my pointed white Mini Lops. I've enjoyed working with them for the past 6 years, but times change and I'd like to focus on growing my chocolates & lilacs. And also work more with the reds. The pointed whites have come a long ways since I started working with them, so it is a hard decision to see them go. But, what I have now, are very nice bunnies, as I've cut them down anyways over the past few months to just my best. Transport to ARBA Convention is available for $25/rabbit, or I can ship them. I only have 3 left anyways - Hoppin's Jade, Hoppin's Kayla & Hoppin's Katrina. All 3 of them are very nice (a blue pointed white buck & 2 black pointed white does). You can see more info and details on the for sale page

The rest of the buns are doing well. 

The response to my last blog post on Rabbitry Husbandry, was a lot bigger than I expected with almost 170 page views on that post. I've received some crazy feedback and also some supportive feedback. The bottomline to the whole thing is that any rabbit breeder (regardless of who you are) needs to keep a clean barn, and clean cages so that you have healthy stock.

That's about it for today...just a short post! I have more to post about later :).