Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just Pictures

I am well over due for a blog post. Things have just been too crazy and busy this week to think about doing any blog posts on here. Between family stuff, ranch chores, Grandma being in from out of town, website work, buddy walk stuff, and blogging every day for the month of October on my other blog, it's been crazy.

So, this is just going to be narrated pictures :).

The new barn kitten, Shelby. She's such a cutie and so sweet.

Abilene's babies...which officially are: 1 brkn chocolate chinchilla, 1 brkn silver tip'd chocolate steel, 1 solid silver tip'd chocolate steel, 1 brkn black, and 1 black chinchilla.

Quadra is due tomorrow (the 16th):

Lily (my keeper out of Rum's litter):

Goldie (full name: Hoppin's Golden Cadillac - my keeper from Kahlua):

New nestboxes cut by my brother, waiting to be put together: funky molting-headed boy:

Escalade...who also has a funky head molt going on:

Millie & Justin sniffing each other through the cage:

Have a great weekend!



Ashley said...

Adorable kitten and cute bunnies!!!

Cindy said...

Your bunnies are BEAUTIFUL!!!
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