Thursday, June 30, 2011

Babies again!

Boy, does the time seem to go by fast! A busy life, makes for time to fly by. But, I'm thankful for it all :).

The babies are all getting big and growing fast! Kahlua's & Krissie's babies are all weaned and there's just a few left from each litter. Rum's, Shirley's & Abby's litters are all close to weaning and looking amazing. Melinda's babies are just coming up on 3 weeks old.

And we are just on the next round of babies: Kayla kindled to 7 on the 28th. Brownie is due the 2nd. Diamond the 4th and Abilene the 6th. Then between Sunday and July 15th, I'll be breeding Allie, Abby, Rum, Kahlua, & Krissie, Lord willing.

Out of Krissie's litter, I am keeping a broken chocolate chinchilla buck, Hoppin's Donovan. Out of Kahlua's litter, I am keeping a broken chocolate chestnut agouti buck, Hoppin's ? (haven't named him yet!). Out of Abby's litter I am keeping a broken chocolate chinchilla doe, who has also not been named yet. Out of Rum's litter I am keeping a chestnut agouti doe. And out of Shirley's litter I am most likely keeping her sable steel buck (he's a beauty!).

I have a chocolate chinchilla buck, brkn chocolate chinchilla doe, brkn (charlie) black doe, and chinchilla buck available out of Krissie's litter. 3 of the babies are *very* promising. The brkn chocolate chinchilla doe is the only one I don't care for - she's a bit long in body.

I have a chestnut agouti doe and black buck available out of Kahlua's litter. Both are very promising.

There are pictures of all 6 babies ready to go right now up on my facebook page, as they haven't made it to the sale page on the website yet.

New pictures of Abby's, Rum's & Shirley's litters can be seen at....

Abby's litter
*She has some amazing, promising babies in her litter! They are all gorgeous!
Rum's litter
*Rum has a few promising babies as well. I like her chestnut babies over her chin babies. The doe is very promising and since I don't have a doe out of Rum yet, I'm going to keep her.
Shirley's litter
*Several of her babies are also gorgeous! Her pointed white doe is a-m-a-z-i-n-g, along with her two steels.

I have transport available from OK to KY/IN/OH/MO/etc very soon. And I also have transport available from OK to WA/Canada/OR (and through the states between there) in the middle of July.

There are some other subjects I'd like to blog about, but it will have to be next week, or this weekend!