Friday, March 11, 2011

For those in OK & surrounding states

For those of you in Oklahoma and the surrounding states (AR, KS, TX, MO, etc) there is going to be a new club soon. A few of us breeders in Oklahoma would like to have more shows available than the only 3-4 shows a year that is typically out here. So, we are getting together with local breeders & those in the surrounding states who would also like to see more shows out here to make a new All Breed Rabbit Club.

More than likely the club will be Stormy States Rabbit Breeders Association. We need more breeders who would be interested in joining so we can get this club started. We're still in the preliminary steps, deciding who will serve what role, membership fees, etc.

But, we have a temporary site set up (will get a domain name once we're "official") that has a message board on it at: We also created a facebook group for it. If you are interested in joining the facebook group, just send me a friend request at and mention the OK new club.

Feel free to pass this a long to anyone you know who may be interested!