Thursday, March 10, 2011

28 babies

Diamond kindled to 6 babies yesterday. 5 brokens, 1 solid. All of them are black based babies. I was so hoping for more chocolates, but they should be gorgeously typed babies. Diamond & Landon compliment each other SO well!

Krissie's babies are all doing great. And same with the other 2 litters - Rum's & Abby's. Rum has 4 blacks, 1 chestnut and 1 chocolate chinchilla. Abby has 3 broken black agoutis, 2 solid black chins & 1 chocolate chin.

(Yes, I'm quite tired of having chinchillas!)

But, I am thankful that my does are doing great with their litters and giving me nice big litters. The baby count is at 28.

One of Diamond's brokens.

Another one of her babies. I really like this one's pattern. It's so spotty!

All 6 of her babies....

Rum's babies.

Rum's choc. chinchilla.

One of Rum's black babies.

Abby's babies.

The little choc. chin trying to nurse on my hand :).

Rum, who is such a great mama....seeming to wonder what I'm going to do with her box, LOL.


The weather is gorgeous today. It's sunny & warm, so it's about time for me to head outside for a short run and breed a couple does.